Our Flying Lesson Instructors

With thousands of hours of flying time between them, our team is made up of enthusiastic instructors with experience and interests in a variety of aviation fields. Foremost is their desire to help others experience the joy of flying. Our flight trainers understand the importance of solid technical knowledge, thorough training, and confidence in the cockpit, and they are ready to share their skills and expertise with you.


Ismael Arrocha CFI, CFII

Ismael Arrocha is a local flight instructor who grew up in the Kansas City area. He took his first flight when he was four years old and caught the aviation bug. Ever since then, aviation has been the driving force behind his aspirations and goals. Ismael enjoys teaching and sharing his passion with others and believes in instilling fundamentals and proper techniques early on in training as these are the building blocks in developing true aviators who will succeed in any aspect of aviation that they choose. Ismael has been an intern at an aviation overhaul base and assisted with the testing and development of an AMOC for Boeing 767 rotary actuators. He has also served as a supervisor and hangar operations manager for the Airline History Museum in downtown KC. Ismael graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science. He currently works as a full-time instructor at Empyrean Aero and intends to fly corporate jets as the next step in his career.



Office: 913-948-5111
Mobile: 816-730-8141

Chance Hecker

Chance Hecker CFI

Chance Hecker is a new instructor to the Kansas City area who enjoys sharing his love of flying with his students. Chance started flying when he was 17 and got his private Pilot license while he was still in high school. After high school, Chance completed his flight instructor training at a local flight school in Kansas City. Chance is very excited to join the Empyrean team and intends to use his passion and experience in aviation to give his students the best training and experience possible.



Office: 913-948-5111
Cell: 816-262-9655