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Whether you’re interested in a long-term aviation career or flying for fun, professional flight instruction is the key to readiness. Our instructors are committed to understanding every student’s aspirations and helping them achieve their goals through instruction that is thorough, effective, and specialized. Meet your instructors and get ready to experience the joy of flight!

We offer flexible training options to meet your needs. All of our training is conducted from a part 141 approved syllabus.


Part 61 is a more relaxed environment and allows for a student to progress at their own pace toward getting their pilot certificate.


Coming soon. Part 141 is for aspiring pilots working toward a professional career in aviation and offers a more professional and challenging environment to learn.

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Sport Pilot License

This certificate allows one to fly Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) with just an LSA certificate and a valid U.S. driver’s license. It is perfect for taking a friend or family member up flying on a nice day.

Private Pilot License

This is the intro level pilots license and the very first license you will acquire in your flight training journey. You will be able to fly yourself and passengers on your own.

Instrument Rating

An instrument rating can be added to a private pilot certificate or commercial certificate to allow for a pilot to fly an aircraft solely by reference to flight instruments. This rating is a must if you intend to make flying a career or if you want to be able to fly in the clouds.

Commercial Pilot Certificate

A commercial pilot certificate allows you to fly an aircraft for hire to include carrying cargo or passengers. This certificate is required if you intend to turn aviation into a career.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Certificate

This certificate enables you to do one of the most rewarding and exciting jobs in aviation; teach others how to fly! A flight instruction job is commonly the very first job that a young commercial pilot holds and is a fantastic way to build hours.

Certified Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII) Certificate

This certificate enables you to do everything a regular CFI certificate allows for, with the addition of being able to teach students how to fly an airplane solely by the use of flight instruments.

Multi-Engine Rating

The multi-engine rating enables you to fly an airplane with more than one engine. This rating increases your marketability to potential hirers.

Coming Soon

Multi-Engine Certified Flight Instructor (MEI)

The MEI certificate allows you to teach people how to fly aircraft with more than one engine.

Coming Soon

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate

The ATP Certificate is the gold standard when it comes to flying for hire. Major airlines and most corporate charter companies require and ATP. This certificate will enable you to apply for high end pilot jobs around the world.

Complex Aircraft Endorsement

This endorsement allows you to fly an aircraft with retractable landing gear and a constant speed propeller. There is no check ride needed to acquire this endorsement.

Coming Soon

High Performance Aircraft Endorsement

This endorsement allows you to fly any aircraft with an engine producing more than 200 horsepower. There is no checkride required for this endorsement.

Coming Soon

Tailwheel Endorsement

A tailwheel endorsement allows for one to operate an aircraft with a conventional landing gear configuration. Many pilots call it a Tailwheel as the aircraft sits in a tail-low orientation on the ground. This endorsement is a must if you plan to do any backcountry or vintage aircraft flying.

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